Why you should try out mobile strike game

Hightower Mobile strike is a game that has created a lot of buzz since it was released in November 2015 and it has only gotten more famous since Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed it. But to have a proper mobile strike game review requires one to go past the hype and look at the games features, plot, graphics and gameplay in order to have an objective perspective. mobile strike

To start of mobile strike is a free 2D modern warfare strategy game available for both Apple and Android devices and it comes with an inbuilt translation system that allows for players from all over the globe to communicate with each other with a significant degree of accuracy. Mobile strike players have four key mission parameters:

a) Building of a base- the game is divided into grids where a player can set up a base of operations and knowing where the wisest place to build requires strategic thinking. A base should be close enough to resource tiles and hospitals while maintaining an easily defensible position and this needs you to consider the many variables at play.

b) Improve your commanders abilities- for every killed enemy or objective met you win points and these points can be used to level up your commander.

c) Form alliances- the ability to work together with allies of your choosing from different parts of the world is what makes the game so exciting because you plan and execute missions together against rival teams whose sole purpose is to destroy you. The ability to team up gives you a few advantages like resource sharing so you can restock when you are running dangerously low. Joining an alliance also means you get access to your allies research and key improvements. resources

d) Crafting of equipment- there are crate like structures in the game which contain substances that can be molded into various types of armor or weapons which can then be distributed to the troops fighting on the battlefield. The better equipped an army is then the higher the kill ratio against enemy combatants. 

Drawbacks of game

This mobile strike game review has put the game on quite a pedestal but it must be said that even a game as great as this one has a few weaknesses first of which is that since the game is free the game will constantly push notifications displaying time limits and other barriers designed to try and get you to pay a fee for a better game experience. The game has also been designed to make it difficult to upgrade your commander efficiently without buying extra points. The second problem is that the game lacks in a comprehensive story line capable of capturing your imagination but relies more on the banal experience of achieving objectives that don’t feel connected to a general plot.